N2Shape Weekly Fitness News #1

Working out brings confidence to be yourself no matter what age! It offers another way to connect with one another on a higher level. Most of all working out with #N2shape has helped me adopt a new lifestyle that makes me fulfilled and happy to be alive! Changing lives one session at a time, hand and hand with one another.

Small Group Training

Small group training at #N2shape is working out side by side and instead of focusing on being uncomfortable as you approach higher heart rates and challenging exercises, you switch gears and motivate your partner. That’s how you get through it! In the process you gain another six close friends who will support you through not just training but in your everyday life!

So what are you waiting for? It’s time to join the of #Misfits of #N2shape.

Mon, Wed, Fri 6 am or 9 am.
Mon & Thurs 6 pm.
Sat 7:15 am Warrior Boot Camp.

For more info and pricing e-mail ellen@n2shape.com.

Featured Exercise: Roll Out on the TRX Bar

This popular exercise has been featured in Men’s Health Magazine. Watch the video of John Tysse during his training session with Ellen Yates.

N2shape offers Meditation at the Workplace. Our latest setup at General Dynamics.

New Special: One on One Private Yoga and Meditation Sessions

Private Yoga specific to you and your body. Stretch and Relax as Anne Meiser, N2SHAPE’s Yoga Guru, with the magic touch, takes you into the land of Nirvana – where your body and mind know no boundaries.  They can be used one at a time or in conjunction with each other. Sessions are available every Thursday starting as early as 6:30 am. You choose the time. 30 minutes minimum. It can be incorporated into your current program or you can purchase as an add-on. By appointment.

What Are Clients Saying?

Thank you N2Shape for getting me strong and fit to backpack for 12 days with my son in the New Mexico back country. The leg muscles held up great, just like Michelle predicted. Mission accomplished!” – Valerie L.

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