Active Aging

If you are 50+ N2SHAPE training can help your quality and longevity of life by keeping you fit and active.

Breathing control exercises, postural training, and rehabilitation will allow you to regain capabilities you've lost -- without pain or injury.

Ageless Exercise - Get N2SHAPE

Ellen Yates, the founder of N2Shape, is a pioneer in the fitness industry.  Her years of experience and knowledge will get you N2Shape fast! 

Exercise is medicine, but age, physical concerns, and health conditions can make it challenging. Let our experts help! We offer safe, effective, and fun workouts to build your confidence and enhance your life.

Clients come to us for support with:

Weight Loss

Controlling Diabetes

Managing Blood Pressure


Parkinson's Disease

Traumatic Brain Injury

Stress Management & Wellness Coaching

Nutritional Advice for Training

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