Private In-Home Training

Does the idea of exercising in a public setting scare you?

If so, you’re not alone.
Working out at home with one of N2Shapes trainers is the perfect place to start!

Is In-Home Training For You?

Our expert coaches will assess your unique fitness needs. You can benefit from a personal trainer at home if:

  1. You want a little extra accountability. N2Shape’s in-home personal training services start with a knock on your door.
  2. You have a busy schedule. If you’re on a tight schedule, an in-home trainer frees up that travel time. 
  3. You have difficulty getting around. Physical challenges or mobility issues shouldn’t hold you back from reaping the benefits of a healthier lifestyle. Let us come to you! 
  4. You want a unique solution. The personal trainers at N2Shape have experience with seniors, injured clients, and individuals with various disabilities. You deserve someone who understands your situation and encourages you to be your best.

We Help In-Home Clients With:

Weight Loss

Controlling Diabetes

Managing Blood Pressure


Parkinson's Disease

Traumatic Brain Injury

Stress Management & Wellness Coaching

Nutritional Advice for Training

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