Small Group Training: Boot Camp & Spinning

Small group training at N2SHAPE is small, personalized, and offered in a supportive and friendly atmosphere. It is for those that want a fitness program with the motivation & expertise of a personal trainer for less money or want to add on additional training sessions with an expert to their one-on-one training or to their own workouts at their gym.  Every workout is planned in advance for each client’s specific needs, goals and interests.  We offer the groups in what we call, Tracks.  Every Track selects the activities for the semester (12 or 24 weeks) from a list of what we offer

  • Track 1: 6 am Monday Power Spin & Train  Wednesday Boot Camp Friday Endurance Spinning
  • Track 2: 915 am Monday Spinning Wednesday Strength Training Friday Spinning & TRX Training
  • Track 3: 6 pm Monday Strength & Cardio Intervals  Thursday Station Training
  • Track 4: 715 am Saturday Boot Camp 


N2shape’s small group training is offered at our facility in Tysons Corner.  The lead personal trainer personalizes the group for reserved attendees and offers alternative exercises for all abilities, injuries or medical issues. We use weights, balls, chains, stairs, TRX, ropes, bands and more. We perform our workout in stations, teams, relay races and timed drills. We have fun, laugh and are always glad that we came. N2SHAPE offers special themes around holidays and offer special workouts on holidays that don’t fall on a Saturday. We also offer a “Pay it Now or Pay It Later” workout for pre or post holidays that fall on a Saturday.

View the schedule for more info or call (703) 906-4413.

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