Posture Apps Do They Help?

Why an app?  

Posture apps are useful in helping people to correct and have proper posture,” says Dr. Matt Tanneberg, DC, CSCS, who owns and operates Body Check Chiropractic & Sports Rehabilitation in Scottsdale, AZ.  He works with elite athletes from the NFL, MLB, NHL, USA Track and Field, NCAA, and high school.

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“The most effective way to correct your posture is to teach yourself how to sit up properly, strengthen the necessary muscles to keep your posture sustained in an upright position, and stretch the necessary muscles that need to be elongated. Posture apps are a great resource to help you be conscious of your posture and have a constant reminder to ‘stay tall’ and be upright.”

  • Posture assessment apps can give you a baseline, identify issues and track progress over time,
  • There could be a margin of error in apps that use your phone’s camera to analyze posture.
  • Similarly, desktop slouch detectors help remind you to sit straight at work, the camera only sees the front view of your upper body. It won’t respond to the back curvature. 

Posture Apps Are A Tool Only…

“Posture apps won’t fix all of the problems for you,” explains Dr. Tanneberg. “There still has to be a conscious effort by the person to sit upright and not slouch. Posture correctors, apps, and straps are all beneficial as reminders to focus and work on our posture; however, we still need to constantly work at it until it becomes part of our normal routine.” 

All this to say: Apps can be effective, but they’re only part of the equation. Posture correctors such as the BackEmbrace provide physiological feedback that apps can’t.

Check out the link below for additional information:

Interested in checking out the 10+ Best Posture Type Apps? This site explains the 3 types of Apps available. They are listed for mobile and desktop platforms and these listed below are for both Android and IOS:

  • Posture exercises, stretches, and yoga: These apps promise to improve your posture through a series of guided workouts and yoga poses
  • Posture reminders: Periodic or real-time notifications to focus on your overall posture
  • Posture analysis: These use cameras or sensors to assess your posture and identify potential issues

Desktop apps for Windows and Mac are essentially slouch detectors. They use your computer’s camera to monitor your posture while you work, then issue warnings that remind you to sit or stand straight when you slouch. 

Another interesting tidbit ~ 69% of office workers suffer from neck and back pain. A new term, Tech Neck, is an increasing problem in the Digital Age.

 Rounded shoulders? This is another increasing issue with all the computer usage going on.  

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