Perfection – To be or not to be

The topic of discussion at N2SHAPE today was perfection. My whole life has been about striving for perfection, which can be a lot of pressure but has allowed me to reach goals that I never thought were possible.
As a leader, motivator, and trainer, I must realize, however, that not everyone is like me.  I have come to this conclusion after hearing the comments from my clients in my classes and training sessions after more than 30 years.  Striving to be all that you can be is probably a more healthier way to put things.
I will strive to be a more encouraging and positive leader to my clients.  I cannot tell you that I will be perfect – that the perfectionist attitude that I expect for myself will not still come through.  However, I will strive to do my best.
Thank you for teaching me this important lesson after 30 years of being in the business.  I am constantly learning and in a state of change.  You have helped me to be all that I can be and more!

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