How Exercising Helps You Loose Weight

That’s why they call it Personal Fitness Training! An N2Shape Fitness Trainer will meet with you to create a fitness program that’s personalized and custom built to exactly meet your lifestyle and your fitness goals. Our programs are tailored to help you lose weight, get in shape and look and feel better.  Your personal training sessions are held at one of our convenient locations in Northern Virginia, or in the convenience of your home or workplace.
At N2Shape, we do more than just teach you how to get fit. Our staff of experts in fitness, massage therapy and nutrition, work with you to determine the best way for you to begin and maintain a healthy lifestyle.  During each session, you’ll learn the best exercises for your needs, how to avoid injury, diet guidelines and tips on how to eat smarter.
Choose the Option that’s Right for You!

  • Private Training (1 client per 60 minute session)
    Personalized one-on-one training programs are designed to achieve your desired results.
  • Train With A Friend (2-3 clients sharing a 60 minute session)
    If you’ve always wanted to work with a trainer but just don’t have it in your budget, consider training with a partner. We offer two-on-one training sessions where you and a friend or spouse can reap the benefits of personal training. The extra motivation of your partner is always a bonus and you’ll share in your success along the way.
  • Group Training (4-6 clients sharing a 60 minute session)
    Small group training sessions are another affordable way to achieve the results you want by sharing your session with a group of 4-6 people. The group dynamic offers an excellent community of support and motivation when you all work together towards a common fitness goal!

We’ll get you Motivated for Success
When you sign up for personal training, we’ll set up a regular schedule of appointments that meet your schedule. You’ll be guided toward your goals with three workouts each week. Inconsistent exercise patterns will disappear and you’ll gain a whole new outlook on life.

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