Ellen's Recommendations To Lose Fat

Ellen’s Recommendations To Lose Fat –

1. Eat 3 Small Meals/3 Snacks per day to keep your blood sugar regulated
2. Avoid Foods with high glycemic index (pastries, pasta, rice, etc). They bring your blood sugar up quickly and back down quickly so that you feel hungry fast.
3. Stick with foods with a low glycemic index – apples, pears, vegetables, yogurt – that stay with you a longer time.
4. Fill yourself up with fresh vegetables first and fruit second.
5. Drink 64 ounces of water per day. Many times when you are hungry, your are thirsty.
6. Drink alchohol sparingly. Alcohol increases your appetite and you lose all inhibitions for the food that you have been avoiding.
7. Eat breakfast – this jump starts your metabolic rate for the day.
8. Eat one gram of protein for every two lbs of body weight.
9. Protein in the morning – whey is what I highly recommend!

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