Boot Camp Feedback

bootcampI was given some feedback about Boot Camp today and very much appreciate it. Your feedback is what makes us better. Some of you mentioned that Boot Camp was not as challenging as before. I wanted to address that:

1. I have purposely slowed Boot Camp down using your own body weight as wanted to concentrate on form rather than going for the slam.
2. There are several in class that have injuries. I am cognizant of their injuries and have chosen exercises accordingly.
3. We are purchasing more equipment this week so that there is enough to go around – specifically medicine balls, weights, and kettlebells so that for those that want more of a challenge, they have heavier weights.
4. We have grown which means that the levels range from beginning to advanced. We will start to show the variations of each exercise – less and more challenging – so that you can pick the way that you do the exercise.
5. The weather will be getting warmer which means that we will venture outside. There is more space outside which means that there are different challenges ahead. We have been cooped up all winter and it is time to venture outside. So, bring your warm clothes next week.
6. I have extended the warm up as so many stagger in late. I fear someone may get hurt without a proper warm up. So, if you don’t arrive on time (promptly), you will be asked to warm up on the cardio pieces before joining the rest of the class. It takes time to stop and tell those that are staggering in as well. So, please be respectful of the rest of the members of the group.
7. Class will start at 7:15 am rather than 7:30 am. That is 15 minutes earlier because with the warm weather, that means that parents have children with sports. We will also leave the fitness challenges (wall sit and planks) to 8;15 am rather than within the actual class in order to get in more workout time.

Remember, if you are not a beginner, we all used to be. Give the beginners a helping hand so that they can soon be at your speed. With your help and ours, they will be at your level sooner than you think! They may even surpass you. It’s called teamwork!

Now, be ready because next week, I am going to kick your ASK!

Your fearless leader

Ellen (and Michelle)

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