Are Frozen Veggies Healthier Than Fresh?

My Mom served our family frozen vegetables unless they came from our garden. When I started cooking for myself and my son, I vowed that we would only eat and buy fresh as I assumed they had a higher nutritional content. I was wrong!

In a paper published in the June 2017 issue of the Journal of Food Composition and Analysis, researchers measured the nutritional content (vitamin A & C and folate) of three types of produce—fresh, frozen and fresh-stored (purchased fresh and then refrigerated for 5 days)—over a 2-year span. In the majority of cases, vitamin content did not vary among the three categories, but when there were significant differences, frozen fruits and veggies scored higher than fresh-stored versions!

Not only will you and your family be “healthier” due to the nutritional content, but you may sneak a little in without taste or smell. Start out by adding a little frozen cauliflower rice to smoothies, oatmeal or even banana bread or cupcakes that you make from scratch. It has no taste or smell unless you go overboard! In that case you are asking for it in more ways than one as you will need a gas mask!

You will also save money in THE END 😁 (no pun intended) as frozen veggies and fruit are far less expensive.

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