3 Tips to Sculpt Your Body

1. Tackle weight lifting at a 2-4 tempo. There’s more to strength training than moving the weights around. The speed at which you lift and lower those weights is very important if you want to sculpt your body.  For best results, follow the “2-4 count” during resistance training. Spend two  seconds in the concentric phase of an exercise (when you lift the weight up); during the eccentric phase (when you return the weight to its start position), take twice as much time—four full seconds.

2. Introduce interval training. Most of us are guilty of logging a lot of mindless miles at the gym. We get on a piece of cardio equipment, set the level and time, and zone out on autopilot. If you really want to get the most out of your time, mix in some interval training to boost your calorie burn – include several short bursts improve fitness and burn fat more quickly than working out at one steady moderate pace.  The less fat you have, the more sculpted your body looks!

3. Switch to supersets for super gains.  Maximize your time in the gym and sculpt your body so that it looks chiseled by using supersets. To do a superset, pick a muscle group (we’ll use chest as an example) and then do three (or more) different exercises for that muscle group, back to back, without resting. For example, do a set of bench presses, following by a dumbbell chest fly and finish with a round of pushups. In a matter of minutes, you’ve blasted your chest and are ready to move on to your next muscle group.

At N2SHAPE, we use these techniques and more in all or our training programs so that you and your muscles do not get bored.  If your muscles get bored, then your goal of sculpting is defeated.   Always changing your techniques and challenging your muscles to different ways of doing things will ensure results.  If the sculpted look is what you are after, then you will succeed!

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