10 Good Reasons to Take Spinning

Most people are afraid to Spin – working out in a group on a bike to music with an instructor motivating them through various intervals, drills, and games.  They think that they can’t do it because it is too intense and they are not in good enough shape.
I have news for you!  Anyone can do it – Grandma right next to Iron Man.  You just ride at your own level – the resistance and speed that is right for you.
Come join me on Mon, Wed, Fri at 6 am or Tues, Thurs at 9 am in Tysons Corner.  You will get lots of bang for your buck – $7 to $12 per class with a personal trainer leading you through a full body workout on the bike!
10 Good Reasons to Spin

  • My cholesterol is high, I want to help control it
  • I want to lose weight.
  • I want to tone my thighs and buttocks.
  • I am bored with my current routine and want something different.
  • I want to have fun while working out.
  • I am a runner, but want to cross-train to protect my knees
  • I love the darkness and the mind/body elements
  • Indoor Cycling complements my other workouts
  • I love working out with my friends.
  • I like intervals
  • I want to build strength for skiing
  • It’s the only workout I can enjoy with my spouse

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