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Small Group Training: Private Spinning and Boot Camp

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Group Training at N2SHAPE is small, personalized, and offered in a supportive and friendly atmosphere. Two of our most popular training groups are spinning and boot camp, held at 8000 Towers Crescent Drive, Tysons Corner, Virginia.

Monday Ladies Private Spin Group

Linda Moran Spin class at N2SHAPE

Client Linda Moran, better known as the Mafia Princess at N2Shape in Halloween fashion at Spin, every Monday at 9 am.

The make-up of our Monday Private Spin Group includes young, old and some misfit Spinners with prosthetic knees and hips.

Spinning is one of the best exercises you can do if you have “bad” knees and/or lower back pain. It strengthens your heart & core (everything except your arms on your trunk); burns mega calories so it’s excellent for weight loss & weight control; leaves you feeling happy and able to handle the stressors of life; and will give you a personal trainer and a new group of Friends that will hold you accountable, support you and many times challenge you to be all that you can be!

We have other exercise groups that cater to strength as well as Spin.

View the schedule for more info or call (703) 906-4413.

Saturday Morning Boot Camp

Is that Team#N2SHAPE giving their instructor the finger? There’s always a #trickortreat in store especially on holidays.

Intergenerational BootCamp is part of N2shape’s small group training. Join us Saturday’s at 7:15am in Tyson’s Corner for 75 minutes of movement indoors and outdoors, weather permitting.

The personal trainer personalizes the group for reserved attendees and offers alternative exercises for all abilities, injuries or medical issues. We use weights, balls, chains, stairs, TRX, ropes, bands and more. We perform our workout in stations, teams, relay races and timed drills. We have fun, laugh and are always glad that we came. N2SHAPE offers special themes around holidays and offer special workouts on holidays that don’t fall on a Saturday. We also offer a “Pay it Now or Pay It Later” workout for pre or post holidays that fall on a Saturday.

Bootcamp is also offered other days and times.

View the schedule for more info or call (703) 906-4413.

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