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Off Season Strengthening & Conditioning for Volleyball Players & Parents

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strengthening & conditioning program

Since 1994, N2SHAPE has trained individuals of all ages and fitness levels to improve fitness, health and performance. In 2012, Virginia Elite (VAE) hired N2SHAPE to offer in-season trainings for its athletes. Since then, these athletes increased their strength and endurance, allowing them to go deep into the season while avoiding common injuries that their team in previous years.

N2SHAPE was asked by VAE and parents to provide an “Off Season Strengthening & Conditioning Program” (S&C) for Volleyball players.  The goal behind this program is to increase strength to maximize power productions, to reduce injuries, and to contribute to faster recovery times, minimizing missed practices and games.

At the same time, N2SHAPE will offer it’s popular “Adult Group Training” (ADT) in a separate group with another trainer. N2SHAPE understands a common situation where many parents take a back seat to daughters’ needs. Why not use this opportunity to participate in a non-competitive fitness group ADT has to offer, for all ages and fitness levels, while having fun and socializing with other parents? The group workout will include cardio, weight training, core strength, and mobility exercises. Not only that, but your family may use one package deal, without having to purchase separate packages.

Start Date: Monday, June 30, through the beginning of 2014 Volleyball Season.
Program Location: 1524 Spring Hill Road, McLean, VA 22102.
Program Options: (players and parents)

16 groups/mo $320                12 groups/mo $280                   8 groups/mo $215                  4 groups/mo $120

Schedule *

  Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri Sat
S&C 10 am 7 pm 10 am 7 pm    
ADT 10 am 7 pm 10 am 6 & 7 pm 10 am 830 am


*Group days and times are subject to enrollment.


To register click on this link http://bit.ly/n2shapevae or for more information, email training@n2shape.com or call  (703) 906-4413

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