Active Aging

We believe in the fountain of youth – exercise! Fit people look and feel younger, stay healthier, have more energy, and live longer. Some studies suggest that staying physically fit can help you maintain your mental fitness, too.

What is your fitness goal? To enjoy the sports and physical activities you did when you were younger? Keep up with the children or grandchildren? Lose weight? Or has your doctor recommended that you begin an exercise program to address a medical condition?

N2SHAPE’s exercise and nutrition programs can help you improve your strength, stamina, flexibility, and athletic performance. They can also help control your weight, ease arthritis pain, rehabilitate injuries, or manage diabetes and other health issues.

Our personal fitness training, group training programs, and classes are tailored to helping busy adults over 40 work out safely and effectively – on a schedule that makes sense for your life. Ellen Yates, our founder, is over 40 (we won’t tell you by how much) and she zips around like a woman in her 20s. She doesn’t let age hold her back from doing the things she loves, and neither should you.

Let N2SHAPE design a program that’s customized to your fitness needs, goals and skill level, and give you the support and motivation to stick with it.

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“I’m sixty and doing more now than I was able to do at age forty; it’s shocking!

With N2SHAPE, it’s more than just losing weight; it’s about getting more active in your life!”


Unmatched Fitness Knowledge in McLean Fitness Community

"I cannot say enough great things about N2SHAPE. Ellen is a superb motivator who genuinely cares for her clients. She is totally trustworthy and her high integrity is something I personally appreciate. Working out with Ellen is always challenging and frequently fun ~ you never know where her creativity will take you! Her knowledge of fitness is deep and unmatched in our gym community. She has a loyal following and we love her." -Debra Buccolo, Special Assistant at Farm Credit Bureau, McLean, VA

You'll Love Going to the Gym

“N2SHAPE has amazing trainers for anyone looking to get in shape and have fun! Their workouts are NEVER the same, and they’re always finding new and different exercises. They are great with strengthening muscles weakened by injury as well. The trainers at N2SHAPE made me love going to the gym.” —Mollie Propes

Leading the Fitness Revolution!

My husband, Ed and I are thankful for you leading the fitness revolution around inspire us, Ellen. -Teresa and Ed Paquette, Parents of five small children, Vienna, VA

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Spinning Fans
"I have only taken one or two other spin classes, but I have to tell you the reason I keep coming at 6:15 is because of you. I am not sending empty praise your way. You really make the class challenging. We never know what to expect when we come in :) I really appreciate how much thought and effort you put into our workouts (spin and training). I have really been struggling the past year to find my focus and I can honestly say that whenever I am done with one of your sessions I feel strong and re-energized." -Mary Roesener, Mother of five college aged children