With so many different fitness programs out there, how do you find one that works for you? Get guidance from an expert who can assess your fitness level, identify achievable goals that will motivate and inspire you, design an effective program, make it fun, and hold you accountable so that you get results. N2SHAPE’s certified professional trainers keep up with the latest research and technology in fitness and nutrition, so they can tailor the best possible exercise program for each client. Are you ready to feel rejuvenated, inspired, and alive? Take a spin through our site and discover why N2SHAPE is the best fit for your health and fitness goals! Read More
Personal training
At N2SHAPE we care about you, and we’re passionate about what personal fitness training can do for your life. No matter what your budget, schedule, or current state of fitness, we can help you look and feel better. We provide the support you need to lose weight, recover from an injury, improve your overall conditioning for better sports performance, or have more energy for your career, your family, and yourself. LEARN MORE about our personal training programs! Read More
Corporate Fitness
If you’re managing a company, you know that employees are struggling now more than ever to balance work, family, and personal life. Taking care of their health and well-being sometimes fails to make the to-do list. The bottom line: fit, healthy employees are more productive. Our corporate fitness programs can also help your organization save on health care costs, offer a more attractive benefits package, and provide team-building activities. Learn more about our corporate fitness programs! Read More
Residence and Community Fitness
Just because people don’t have a health club membership doesn’t mean they don’t need to exercise – or to have access to fitness experts who can help them get fun, safe, and effective workouts. N2SHAPE’s classes for your community center, apartment building or condominium complex, church, or synagogue are fun, help people build positive relationships, and improve the health and well-being of the entire community. Read More

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NEW N2Shape Bootcamp TRAINING

Join us on Mondays at 6:45 pm (in Arlington) Saturday's at 7:30 am in McLean, VA for N2Shape Boot Camp Training Sessions. Click Here for details.