Trekking with Ellen

Some of you have had the pleasure and/or challenge of Trekking with me. Everyone loves it and feels that they may be able to do it on their own. However, it just is not possible to push yourself to the point where you are uncomfortable. That is why you need the help and motivation of a experienced and professional trainer that can push you every step of the way but knows when you need to stop.

Why are you offering Trekking? The lastest research is that it takes 250-300 minutes of cardiovascular per week to keep your weight off and weight down. Many people do cardio but don’t work hard enough. Trekking will push you beyond and allow you to understand how hard you should be working on your own.

What is Trekking? Doing intervals of speed and hills on a Treadmill in a Group with a personal trainer motivating you and pushing you to work a bit harder and a bit past your comfort zone.

What if Walking on the Treadmill hurts me? You can choose another piece of Cardiovascular Equipment to Trek with us.

What are the benefits?

  • You will burn more calories with interval training in a Trekking fashion than you would on your own.
  • You will improve the strength of your heart.
  • You will feel invigorated and good about yourself.You will be taking your fitness level one step further.
  • You will be spend less time in the gym. As your heart gets stronger, you will be able to burn the same amount of calories in less time.

What benefits are there to improving the strength of my heart?
Your heart (which is a muscle) will be stronger requiring it to beat less and pump more efficiently. Hence, reduction in blood pressure and increase in HDL (good cholesterol). Long term: No more blood pressure medicine or cholesterol medicine which has side effects and is hard on the liver.

What time is it? Every Wed from 11 am to 11:45 am at the Treadmills.

What is the cost? 10 sessions for $18 or Drop in fee of $23

Do I have to be training with you to participate? Absolutely not. You can just come for the Trekking.

What about other days & times? I will offer private Trekking sessions for groups of four or more.

E-mail me for a trial session this Wednesday or one with your friends!

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