The #1 Excuse in 2009 for Not Exercising – The Recession!

Ellen Yates, Personal Trainer Sound Off

I am frustrated and saddened by the fact that many have decided to add the Recession or the Economy to the list of their lame excuses for why they are not exercising. I am so sick and tired of having a client make progress towards becoming healthier, more fit, and being more productive for them only to turn around and say but I can’t continue because of the economy. Ugh! Let me tell you? You cannot afford to not continue!

I have twisted myself and my business into a pretzel. I have made exceptions, I have worked with people’s budgets, I have gone above and beyond the call of duty to the point where I am now making myself sick just to convince this person to continue training. If they don’t train with me, they AIN’T GONNA TRAIN. HEAR ME – YOU AIN’T GONNA TRAIN.

You think that you are, you think that you are going to on your own – maybe for a week or two but guaranteed that you will lose the results that you gained and in the process put on more weight. You will become less fit and ultimately the next time that you step in the gym, it is because the doctor tells you that you have to or else your heart is going to explode!

I have been training since 1983. I am not telling you this because I want the money or the business. I am telling you the facts. Face the facts! Listen to the professional. I am not in Car Sales or Furniture Sales. I am a well educated and experienced fitness professional that knows what she is talking about. I am tired of banging my head up against the wall!

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