Thai Mushroom Curry

It’s a rainy day here but kind of cozy. The dogs have slept most of the day so I decided to do some cooking. I love to experiment and create food that tastes good but is nutritious and healthy for you. So here is my latest experiment that tastes like my favorite Thai soup, Tom Kha Gai!

I purchased this at Whole Foods.

Ingredients: A large box of fresh mushrooms, one large & sweet white onion, butter (needs it for richness), organic coconut curry sauce, and ginger (or in my case, pumpkin pie spice as I had none in hand) and coconut creamer.

Mushrooms sautéing

Cut and sauté the white onion in a tsp of butter. Then slice the mushrooms and add to the pan along with 3/4 can of the organic Coconut Curry (unsweetened). Let it cook some and then add a little coconut creamer (no sugar) or water. Let it cook and then add splashes of Ginger and another tsp of butter. Serve over brown rice.

There is no sugar at all in this recipe with little fat, calories and no meat. It’s so easy and a great recipe for a rainy day!

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