Spinning at N2Shape As the Gold Team

The Gold Team all started with fitness enthusiast Aaron.  In Aaron’s attempt to motivate (and it worked) other Spinners to do a 90 minute Spin on Columbus Day,  he challenged us by saying all that do it will be a part of the Gold Team!  Then, fellow Spinner Carolyn said, “But what about me?”  I can’t make the 90 minute Spin because of preexisting conditions (LOL).  Hence, the quest continued with rumblings of maybe a Gold & Silver Team.
In order to make all feel accomplished for participating in Spin (as this is a feat in itself), all Spinners will be members of the Gold Team.  To participate, all you do is at the end of each class, place the appropriate colored star onto your star on the Spinning Studio wall.
1.  Gold Stars are for 90 minute Spin sessions or for two Spins in one day (They count as 2 stars).
2.  Blue Stars are for days that you did not want to come but Spin anyway.
3.   Red Stars are for days that you went all out in Spinning.
4.  Silver Stars are to be given out randomly by the instructor or someone in your class who recognizes your achievements in Spin that day.  This is your chance for extra credit!
5.   The program will start as of Nov 1, 2012.  I know that many of you have worked hard at getting your starts but to be fair to all, we will start with a clean slate (post Frankenstorm too).   No excuses in other words!
6. Each quarter, we will set a different goal.  This quarter, each person will have an individual goal (# of Spinning classes to make between Nov 1 and Jan 30).  Being part of the Gold Team this quarter is really going to helps us as we are on the “eve” of the holiday season.
7.  Below, I have listed each person that is an “active” Spinner with N2SHAPE and their personal goal (# of stars to obtain in  3 months).  If you do not want to participate, please e-mail me.  I will take you off of the Gold Team.  If I did not list you, it is because I did not think that the Gold Team was up your ally – Diane M, Susan, Michelle H, Bill (out of town mostly), Rae & Jackie (only come when you can but would love to have you a part of it if you wish).
Aaron 42; Maria 36; Ava 12; Deb 20; Karen 12; Kevin 9; Katie 20; Carolyn 20; Lauren 9; Dan 9; David 18; Julie 9; Cassandra 9; Vanesa 12; Angie 20; Laura 9; Kim 9; Cheryl 18; Valerie 8; Ayesha 9; Maryl 9; Laetitia 7; Emily 9; Bre 18; Carol 7; Diane Fr 6; Julia 12; Sally 9; Kishka 8; Srimal 9; Samantha 8;
If you beg to differ on your number of stars, please let me know as we want to set realistic and attainable goals.   Next quarter, we can set new goals – higher or even lower if you know that you have a life event that will affect your ability to Spin with N2SHAPE.
The aim for all of this is to hold each of you accountable to your own goal and to succeed in feeling better about you!  At N2SHAPE, we are educators and motivators that are working towards helping people to change and manage their lives in hopes of a healthier mind and body.

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