Should I use a heart rate monitor when working out?

Heart Rate Monitors

N2SHAPE highly recommends that our clients use  a heart rate monitor when working out with us.  We recommend it because it gives you a measurable number or goal to reach when you are working out so that each time you exercise you can achieve that number again or go beyond to improve your fitness level.  Without a monitor, one cannot measure their improvement other than I feel better or are less winded.

The best way to determine your target heart rate is not by using a formula or a heart rate chart as they are not accurate.  The best way to determine your target is to equate how hard you are  working (should be somewhat hard to hard) with the numbers on your monitor.  Your goal should be then to stay within that range when working out.   If you are not sure how to do this, ask your trainer to help you figure this out.

N2Shape carries one of the more basic models that will tell you if you are in your heart rate range as well as how many calories you are burning.  We recommend that you go with simple first and over time, if you would like more information, you can upgrade to a more expensive monitor.  We carry the FT4  for $85,  25% off  retail prices, as our goal is not to make money but to encourage each client to have a monitor.

What a good way to say Happy Valentine’s Day to your loved one?  If you would like to purchase one, we will personally set up the monitor for you or your loved one and have it delivered to your work place.  Please e-mail to place your order.


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