Shaping Up For Valentine's Day

Shaping Up for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is three weeks away. Most of us want to feel our best on this special day. Feeling good about ourselves translates into looking good as well. What can you do to feel better about yourself in three weeks?

Start exercising! This doesn’t mean that you have to join a gym or spend an hour in the basement every morning sweating it out. Five minutes in your bedroom before you start your day is the place to start.

What should I do?
50 marches in place
50 low leg kicks to the front
25 Standing Twists with the arms to the side
25 Crunches

Make this routine part of your morning ritual like brushing your teeth or making coffee. I guarantee that you will feel better about yourself because you will finally be able to succeed in accomplishing your program. After all, what is 5 minutes of my day? Just be consistent and don’t waiver.

By Valentine’s Day, you will be feeling better. You will be ready to take the next step of getting N2SHAPE!

For Valentine’s Day, ask your loved one for the gift of fitness. Working with a personal trainer will be the best gift you can ask for. Your trainer will provide you with needed support and motivation as well as a program that will be efficient and effective with the little time that you have.

One of your most valuable commodities is time for you. Exercise is a way to check out and to take care of you. Afterall, if you do not take care of you, how can you take care of anyone else?

To inquire about training one-on-one, with your partner, or with a group of friends, contact Ellen Yates at (703)9064413 or at

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