Scooter Riding for an Old Gal

Knee Injury does not put you out of the Game!

Knowing I had a knee injury I was determined not to go down this road in the immediate future so I developed and used the Yates Method. This involved strengthening and lengthening, and improving balance, to work on my knees.

There’s no way I was ready to have surgery for knee replacements, despite having bone on bone in both my knees!

Riding a scooter with my son is something I have always wanted to do however I was afraid to, knowing the pain associated with a knee injury. I set to put in place my own methodology, making me stronger, both mentally and physically. The process was to rehab myself in order to turn back time and I have successfully done this!

My whole training philosophy is based on active aging; strengthening and lengthening muscles, increasing and improving balance, moving daily and most important of all, developing a great mental mindset and building confidence.

As we age exercise and movement are increasingly important. The best way to achieve this is by incorporating physical training into your lifestyle. You know the old saying ‘Move it or you’ll lose it’! Whether you have a knee injury or any other medical condition, exercise and movement can still be added successfully into your day-to-day.

Now at my age and with my knees, after using the Yates Method, I have the confidence to jump on my son’s scooter and ride down my street! Maybe one day down the track I’ll need to have knee replacements, but not right now!

Check out my scooter style on the video! Not bad for an old gal!

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