Saturated Fat from Meat, Not from Plants, Linked to Heart Attacks

A study from the University of Texas in Houston shows
that saturated fats from meat are associated with increased heart
attack risk, while saturated fats from milk and plants are not
(Am J Clin Nutr, July 3, 2012).  Study subjects were 45-84 years
old, and were followed for 10 years.
Since the early 1940s, scientists have told us that ALL
saturated fats raise cholesterol and increase heart attack risk.
We also have been told that substituting polyunsaturated and
monounsaturated fats for saturated fats lowers cholesterol and
helps prevent heart attacks.
Recent studies show that this is not completely true.
Just about everyone agrees that eating saturated fats in meats
increases heart attack risk. However, while saturated fats from
plants may raise cholesterol, they have not been associated with
increased heart attack risk.
Taken from Dr Gabe Mirkin’s weekly newsletter.

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