Relieving Neck & Shoulder Pain

Did you know that you can relieve neck and shoulder pain with exercise? Not only can you strengthen & stretch those muscles to reduce pain but cardiovascular exercise will help to relieve stress that creates tension buildup and pain in these muscles.

During my training sessions with clients, I ensure that my clients strengthen & stretch these muscles through various exercises and techniques.

What are those exercises and techniques?

a. Pushing & pulling routines
b. Less Weight is more.
c. Suspension Training – TRX.
d. Pilates.
e. Review of posture and ergonomics.
f. Strengthening of the shoulder, neck, and upper back area.
g. Cardio to release tension in these areas.
h. Strengthening the core.

If you are having issues with you neck and shoulders, I will be glad to show you a few exercises that will help you. E-mail me or stop me when you see me! I would like to help.

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