N2SHAPE’s Policies

N2SHAPE is in the process of updating our policies.  We have listed a summary of the most important ones until our policy sheet is complete.  

We appreciate your cooperation as we are a service business that is based on time. Cancellation rates are as high as 40% in our business, because let’s face it, most don’t like to exercise.  You are paying N2SHAPE to hold you accountable and we are reserving a block of time for you with our trainers so that you will succeed at reaching your goals.  

N2SHAPE sends e-mail reminders to all clients for one-on-one, semi-private & group training sessions,  72 hours in advance.   All cancellations & changes 48 hours in advance or client will be charged for the session in full.  To reschedule or change a session, contact  N2SHAPE at training@n2shape.com or by calling (703)906-4413. 

In the event of inclement weather, the 48 hour cancellation policy will not be enforced.  However, the client must contact N2SHAPE to cancel & reschedule the session within 2 weeks or will be charged in full for the session missed.  


All N2SHAPE programs have a contracted time period which is set forth when you purchase a program. For clarification, please contact Michelle Boulay, Operations Manager at michelle@n2shape.com.  

In the event that a medical problem or other prolonged circumstance prevents completion of the contracted sessions for the time period set forth in the agreement, Client may take an extended period of time not to exceed one year, to complete said sessions.  There shall be no cash refunds.

The Client may not sell, assign, or transfer is rights to Trainer’s or Instructor’s services to any other party.  The purchased services are for the client only.

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