Bungee Squats!

I have been training for over 30 years. The more I train the more of my own methods that I come up with. In the past two years as a result of my injuries and the aging process as well as a car accident, I was forced to re-examine the way that my body works. I have also been horrified by the postures that I see in people due to computers, phones and lack of movement. I have analyzed and developed the “Ellen Method”. I am currently recording all of my findings and hope to put them all into a book.

My notes from today are in rough draft but if you can follow them, please feel free to read. You may not understand them but the summary is this – never put tension in your toes and you will walk and sit almost perfectly!

Here they are and please forgive the typos and improper subject pronouns etc. I would love to hear your thoughts.

I finally get the butt thing. How the heck do you do Kettlebell Swings with running shoes that will you forward? One of my newest things I am doing is having my clients do a squat using the TRX attached to our Bar using a band. The band length is adjusted according to the client’s stability – the shorter and heavier the band the easier to control. To do the squat they must go to 90 degrees no matter whether they have knee problems or not. I have two knees that need to be replaced and I can do it because I do not put the pressure in my knees but the power comes from my hamstrings, lats (they are to be kept tight with elbows by the side with shoulders on top). A block is placed between their ankles and one between their knees. This forces them to use their adductors and abductors which further stabilizes them. They power up from the core specifically the hamstrings, abdominals and quads and power down from the reverse of that. They must stay square and not lean to one side. They must also ensure that their pelvis bone is on top of the pubic bone (hip to be square). This is a killer and is a necessary evil for every client. If they can master this, then they can master anything.

I want to also mention that if you have a weak core (back, abs, rear, quads and hamstrings), have not been taught how to depress your scapula, an orthopedic problem such as arthritic knees, hip replacement, etc, do not do this without a knowledgeable and experienced personal trainer. I assist my clients by sitting in front of them and holding their feet with my feet. I also put my hands behind their knees which assists them in using their hamstrings to power up and not drop their rear below their knees when initiating the Bungee Squat.

The key to keeping the ankles stable is to use the core and not the toes! When we use our toes, that is what creates symptoms of imbalance in the body and improper form. The toes must be relaxed and the power and pressure comes from the heels, gluts, hamstrings, quads, with the upper body tight and chest open and lays down.

One cannot possibly get a strong core if they are rounded at the shoulders or have kyphosis or lordosis. May I also add that it is imperative to engage your inner thighs and keep your head in line with your spine by lowering and pushing back your head. Hard to explain but if you would like to be more active and have also tried everything in the book to get your life back, please see me first before you succumb to surgery!

By the way, Walkers are the worse invention in the world as it only weakens one’s gluts and abs, relies on their lower back and feet, and ultimately the person cannot walk or has control of their bowels. These are my notes that will go into my book.

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