N2Shape’s November Spinning Program

Changes to November 
Anyone staying in town for Thanksgiving?  If so, there is a class pre-Thanksgiving on Wed, Nov 21 at 6 am and post-Thanksgiving on Fri, Nov 23 at 6 am.  
Special Classes in November
Training Ride – Wed Nov 14 530 am to 7 am – One week before Thanksgiving!  The instructor will pace all riders and take you through an engaging and enjoyable course of flat roads, wind sprints, jumps, hills, mountains and more.  Counts as two classes.
November Schedule
Classes in italics are held at 8000 Towers Crescent Drive, Vienna, VA.
Classes in regular script are held at the Pilates Room,1489 Chain Bridge Road, Mclean, VA.
Mon 6 am – Endurance – Even application of energy for sustained periods. 65 to 75% of maximal heart rate.
Mon 630 pm – Interval & Weights.  Heart rate varies from  65 to 92% of maximal through periods of surge, recovery and light weights.   
Wed  – 6 am – Strength. Heavy Resistance to develop muscular endurance and power.

Thurs 830 am  – Interval with heart rates from 65 to 92% of maximal  with periods of surge and recovery.   

Fri 6 am –  Interval  with heart rates from 65 to 92% of maximal  with periods of surge and recovery.

  •  First ride is free.  Then, you may purchase a 10 pack @ $15 per class.  All packs expire in 3 months.
  • Drop in fee of $20 per class.
  • Please note that N2SHAPE has a 24 hour cancellation policy for all services.

For further information, go to our website n2shape.com or contact ellen@n2shape.com or call (703)9064413.

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