N2SHAPE Riverhouse Yoga Testimonial

N2SHAPE Riverhouse Yoga was recently road tested by FAA contractor and avid runner, Jill Medhus. Jill has kindly let us copy her feedback on Beth’s Yoga class from her personal training blog! She is currently training for the Marine Corps Marathon run on October 30, 2011, dedicated to the Periclean Scholars Alumni Association.
“Recently, I tried out two running supplements: pilates and yoga. My apartment complex hosted a “preview week” for fitness classes offered by a company called N2SHAPE. I chose to preview the two that I thought could best supplement my running. (The others were cardio-based, like Zumba and kickboxing.) I saw benefits to each practice, but by far yoga was my favorite.
The yoga instructor, Beth, is quite popular; she hosts sunrise yoga in the Crystal City water park, and she had a large class. I could tell that many were there just to get instruction from her. In the class, form was important, but the moves were performed and shown in a good succession. She would demonstrate the moves and then encourage us to perform them on our own. She taught a lot of fluid movements – the vinyasas that Sarah recommended – and my body did better at them than the static movements. The motions didn’t fatigue me, and they stretched areas that I hadn’t thought to focus on. Quite a few of the movements focused on the hip flexors, which for runners can get very tight. The only negative of the session was that for some of the poses, my left quad couldn’t stop shaking. I think this meant that it was fatigued. However, when I did my morning run the next day, it felt great – even better than on the run prior. I wouldn’t do this yoga every day, but I may very well sign up for the once-a-week class with Beth.”
Beth’s Yoga class is every Wednesday night at 8 pm and starts on July 13  and runs for 12 weeks.  The discount for early registration ends on June 30th, don’t miss your chance to get the early bird price!

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