N2SHAPE Hires Personal Trainer Michelle Boulay

Note: This post originally ran on 9/19/10
Many of you may or may not know but I am not the only trainer or instructor working for N2SHAPE, Inc. I am lucky to have others working with me at N2SHAPE in mostly part-time capacity which many of you have trained with and are training with or take an exercise class from. You will soon have the chance to preview all trainers and instructors working with N2SHAPE on our website which will be ready soon.
I wanted to take this opportunity however, to introduce to you, Michelle Boulay, who is going to be working with me side-by-side and more than part-time with N2SHAPE. Many of you have already had the opportunity to meet her and train with her in the past few weeks. As N2SHAPE grows, I have found it necessary to hire someone to help train our clients. As the owner of N2SHAPE and still head trainer, this will provide me with more time to advance our knowledge and grow so that we will continue to provide you with cutting edge knowledge and the best customer service possible.
A little about Michelle – She is the first trainer that I have found in over six years that I have entrusted N2SHAPE clients with wholeheartedly. She is caring, conscientious, reliable, and organized and continues to absorb knowledge in the fitness industry like a sponge. Michelle graduated from the National Personal Training Institute (a six month grueling training program in personal training) and is studying to sit for a nationally ranked fitness certification. She has been working out herself for many years with her focus on muscle definition and strength.
Please join me in welcoming her as the newest personal trainer of N2Shape!

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