N2SHAPE Group Training Schedule for Week of 7/30

This is your weekly update of who, where,  when.   Just wanted to remind all:
1. We have more than one place that we do group training now and each carries a different set of parameters.
2.  In order to plan the best workout for all,  we need to know who is coming in advance.   If you can be consistent with your day and time, that really helps. If not, please let us know well in advance (preferably Sat for the upcoming week as the schedule goes out on Sunday).
3. Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your scheduled training time so you can warmup.
4.  If you can’t arrive prior, then please be on time.  When you arrive late, the trainer has to stop the workout and attend to the late arrival which is not fair to others.
4.   Please realize that this is group training and not one-on-one training so the needs are group oriented and not one-on-one.
If anyone would like to change their group for the week, I have listed openings. First come, first get!
All Groups on Monday are held at Tower
Mon 10:15 am   Neil, Mirna, Valerie  Trainer:  Michelle & Becky
Mon 5:30 pm     Maryl, Cris  – Trainer:  Ellen
Mon 6:15 pm     Katie  __________Opening      Trainer:  Susan
All Groups on Wednesday are held at Leisure Fitness
Wed 10:15 am  Dr. Rafey, Neil, Fran, Maryl, Karen, Mirna  Trainer:  Ellen, Michelle, Becky
Wed 6:15 pm   Angie, Maria, Ayesha, Katie, Neeta, Timi  Trainer:  Michelle
All Groups Thurs – Sat are held at LA Boxing
Thurs 6:00 am  David, Michael, Katie, Deb, Vaida, Julie, Vanesa  Trainer:  Michelle
Sat 8:30 am       Armida, Doug, Joan, _____________Opening  Trainer:  Michelle

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