Making the Gold Team

To qualify to be a member of  N2SHAPE’S Gold Team, you must do the following:
1.  Attend Spinning at N2SHAPE.
2.  Participate in Gold Team Programs.
Here is the program that starts on Mon, Jan 14 and goes until Sat, March 2:
1.  Pick teammates (teams of two to three persons).
2.  Set a goal – Estimated # of  times that each member of the team will Spin and add it all together.  This is the number of Spins that the team must achieve in order to qualify for the grand prize.  Place that number on your badge.   The # must be approved by head Spinning instructor, Ellen.
3. Each time that a team member Spins,  you put a sticker up on your team badge.   If your team member is going to be out of town, and you are worried about reaching your goal, you can ask your team member to Spin for you.
5.  It is encouraged for each team to make their own badge.  If not, Ellen will give you a premade badge.
6.  The teams that reach their goal, will be put in the hat to win an N2SHAPE Gold Team T-shirt.  This T-shirt is only available to those that participate in the program and win it.
7.  Each Spin is counted as one sticker.  Double Spins are counted as  two stickers.  There will be one double Spin per month.
8.  All teams must be formed no later than Wed, Jan 14.

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