Quarterly Exercise Prescriptions and Goals

Thank you to all of you who took the time to come up with Quarterly Goals and Exercise Presciptions that you will be responsible for weekly.  I have highlighted in red those of you that I did not receive quarterly goals/homework for Jan – Mar 2011.  I have assigned you homework and listed any goals that I thought that you should achieve.
Todd H: PT 2x/wk.  Run 2 miles per week.
Atilio: GT1x/wk.  Spinning 2x/wk. Follow diet as prescribed by N2SHAPE.
Diane M: PT 1x/wk. Session on own 1x/wk. Independent cardio 60 minutes per week.
Bob: Goal:To Climb Old Rag MT. In Shenadoah. RX: PT 1x/wk; Cardio 90min./wk; Routine on own 2-3x/wk
Isabel: Goal:To be a size 4. RX: PT 1x/wk; Cardio 90min./wk; Routine on own 2-3x/wk
Cecilia: Zumba (2x/wk), WT routine on own (2x/wk). Goal: Lose weight, feel better,and lose love handles.
Maryl: RX: WT 2x wk; Spin 2x wk; Pilates 2x wk; Trekking 1x wk. Dessert plates for dinner. Portion control.
Pat: GT: Goal: Lose weight and get strong. RX:GT1x wk; cardio 3x wk for 45 min. Bike (15min.), Arc Trainer (15min.), TM (15min.) Weight Watchers.
Karen: Record what eat on Spark People. Mon GT 10am. Trekking Wed 10 am. Cardio on own 60 minutes independently.
Danielle: PT Mon 11:30 am, Trekking Wed 10 am; Cardio on own 200 minutes per week, Weight Watchers.
Cori: GT Tues 5:45 am; PT Thurs 530 am, Cardio on own. Get more sleep.
Carol:  Y- PT Wed and Fri: 8:30 am. Expresso Bike on own 120 minutes per week. Reduce weight by 5 lbs.
Phebe:  RX:PT 2-3 x wk, Be healthy and as consistent as possible.
Neil: Mon WT on own and 1 mile TM. Wed Trekking. PT Fri 10:00 am (one mile TM warmup).
Quincey and Helene: PT Tues 11 am. WT routine on own 2x/wk as prescribed by Ellen.
Sherry: PT Tues and Thurs 12:30 pm. TM walking 1 mile 2x/wk on own. 1 scoop of Whey protein daily.
Diane Frasier Goal: Lose weight RX: PT 2x/wk – Cardio on own 60min/wk
Jill: PT 1x/wk; Follow directions per Melissa. Continue losing weight.
Joan: Goal to do more on her own during the week. RX: GT Sat. ; Cardio on own 60min. /wk (10min. ea day)
Trishla: PT 1x/wk, Zumba 2x/wk, Jogging 6 miles per week, Body Pump 1x/wk, Food Diary.
Julie: GT Tues at 5:45 pm.  Spin (1), Body Pump 1x/wk.  Cardio on own 200 plus minutes per week.
Deb: Goals: Increase cardio endurance, improve strength. WT w/Alfred Mon 12 pm; Spin (2), Trekking (1), GT (1).   Mindful of what you eat.
David G:  GT 1x/wk, Spinning 2x/wk.  Additional workouts per week? Goals:  Lose 1 inch from waist.  Decrease 2 mile run time from 18:46 to 17:50.
Valerie: Goals:  Tone and firm, develop more stamina (cardio endurance). Be able to do boys’ pushups! GT 1x/wk, Wed Body Sculpt class and 30 minutes cardio, Fri Pilates and 30 minutes cardio.  Ballet/Dance class one day per week. Diet:   Red meat no more than 1x/wk, Use less fat and condiments, add more healthy snacks like raw vegetables.
Jack: 1. Maintain six day per week personal training/gym exercise schedule. Minimum four days of cardio per week, at least 500 calories burned per day, as measured by HRM. Minimum two days of resistance training per week, with special focus on upper body and core. 2. Maintain daily caloric input/output, nutrition, exercise and weight tracking with MyNetDiary.Com 3. Achieve 175 lbs. body weight by 3/31/11. 4. Achieve size 34 waist by 3/31/11. 5. Drink eight glasses of water each day. 6. Participate in at least one group exercise class each week. 7. Take a 30 minute (minimum) midday walk every day.Goal:  Personal Training 2x/wk, Cardio 200 + min per week, 64 oz water daily, Reduce body fat by 1% per month, waist size of 34 inches.
Stephanie:  Goal: To maintain target blood sugar and lipid levels and lose an average of 1 lb. per week, 2min. plank, Enjoy quiet relaxing creative time at least 1x/wk  RX: PT 2x/wk, Body pump or other class 1x/wk, Cardio on own 200 minutes per week.  Plank 3x/week for 1 minute plus with goal 3/31 of 2 minutes.
Stefania: PT 1x/wk, WT on own 1x/wk, Spin 1x/wk, Cardio on own 90 minutes per week.  Food diary weekly.  Do plank 3x/week for 1 min on own.
Ayesha: Goal: To not look like I have had two kids when I go on my anniversay trip in March. RX:  GT 1x/wk, Functional Training 1x/wk, 1 Insanity workout 1x/wk.
Rosemary: Goal:  Lose 1 lb per week. RX:  Strengthen my left hand. Workout 3x/week, cardio on own 60 min/wk.
Maria: To lose 25 lbs.  PT 2x/wk, Trekking 1x/wk, Spinning 1x/wk, 60 min cardio per wk on own.  Follow diet given by N2SHAPE.
Donna: Spinning (2x/wk), GT (1x/wk), WT on own (1x/wk), follow Weight Watchers and plan meals for the week (with no more than 1 eat out lunch and 1 eat out dinner per wk).
Doug: PT Tues at 7 pm, GT Sat at 9 am, Cardio on own 90 minutes per week (15 minute warmup prior to PT and GT and 60 min on own cardio).  Follow Weight Watchers plan with Donna, Food Diary daily to bring on Sat at 9 am.
Greg: GT Sat at 9 am, 2x/week workouts on own (Total reps per week for those workouts: 100 pushups, 100 situps, 100 lunges, 1 minute plank, 100 front runners).  Diet:  Portion control, drink up to 64 ounces of water per day, add more fruits and vegetables, whey protein shake in morning.
Carol R: GT 1x/wk, Spinning 1x/wk, Run 3 miles/wk,  Weekly strength responsible for:  25 pushups, minute plank, 30 second plank on each side, 25 stationary lunges on each leg.  Dog Walking: 3 or more times per week for 30 minutes.   Food: WW 1x per week. Commit to keeping my food tracker
Meg: Kickboxing with Fee (1x/wk), WT w/ David (1x/wk), Zumba at YMCA (1x/wk), Swim at YMCA (1x/wk), Training with Joe (1x/wk), Walk 10,000 steps (5x/wk).  Eat 70 grams of protein (7x/wk).  Spend more quality time with David and my family.
Cris: GT 2x/wk, independent cardio workout 60 minutes 2x/wk (one with daughters if possible), take lunch to work 2x/wk, pray daily, and laugh more.
Diana: Monday – Mon GT w/Ellen, Wed Trek w/Ellen, Thurs Spin w/Ellen, Fri – AM Kickboxing,  Inedpendent Cardio 60 minutes/wk, Do not eat late at night.  Get into the 160’s by summer – I think it’s doable.
Kimya: Get into the best shape possible for my wedding in May! Personal training 2x/wk, spinning 2x/wk, running 2x/wk, Weight Watchers, and going to bed earlier
Sally: Prescribed Exercise Routines (2 to 3x a week), Walking (2x week outside or go to neighborhood gym), eat more vegetables, less wine, date night with husband 2 times a month, better client relationships and billing regularly, more quality time with elderly mother, and work on ways to accomplish less stress.
Mary: Lose the weight that I gained which is 12 pounds by the end of March.  Increase my cardiovascular endurance.   Weight Watchers once per week and track my food better.  GT 1x/wk, Spinning 2x/wk, Trekking or GT additional one time per week (where Ellen needs me) and I can fit it in!
Diane Fitz: GT Wed 6:30 pm & Sat 9:00 am, Spinning 3x/wk, FT 1x/wk, Independent Cardio 90 minutes per week, Portion control, get more sleep.
Armida: My goal is to stay fit while on travel. Hard to do but will try my best!
David D: 1. PT 1x/wk with Joe or Trainer du Jour via N2SHAPE. 2. 60 minutes 2x/wk (varied activities on own to include work on abs, cardio, and upper body strength)  3.  Go to bed early during the work week 4.  Find a new job in or outside of government  5.  Pursue an advanced degree  6.  Last but not least spend more time with Meg
Heidi: 4 workouts a week: 1. Saturday 8 am class 2. Monday Group with Ellen 10 – 11 am 3. Wednesday hit one of the following options based on work/kid schedule – 6:15 am Cycle w/ Ellen, or noon Cycle w/ Debra backup – Thursday 6:30 pm Cycle with Pam.  4. OPEN – Run outside on trail 4 miles (50 minutes) or if pushed on time intervals for 30 minutes – Sunday or Friday. Diet  – Food diary that you e-mail to Ellen on Saturdays!  Don’t let myself go hungry and prepare healthy snacks to have on hand. Cut sugar intake!!!!!

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