N2SHAPE Holiday Group Training & Exercise Classes starting 12/24

N2SHAPE will be holding Open Houses every Sat in Jan.  That means you can bring your family or frenemies to any 730 or 830 am Workout in Saturday.  All that is needed is to let us know 24 hours in advance so that we can roll out the red carpet for them or plan our attack to get them N2SHAPE in 2013!

  • Please look for your name for Group Training.  If you don’t see it, then please e-mail ellen@n2shape.com to make a reservation asap.


  • For Group Exercise Classes, would appreciate you making reservation asap so that we know which ones to cancel or hold. 


  • N2SHAPE has a  48 hour cancellation policy for Group Training and a 24 hour cancellation policy for Group Exercise Classes.

 12/24 Mon
6:00 am Xmas Eve Spin
9:30 am  Group Training, Xmas Special  at LA Boxing  –  Karen, Dolores, Barbara, Maryl, Doug, Michelle S 
12/26 Wed
SPECIAL 6:00 or 7 am Post Xmas Spin –  Anyone interested? 

10:15 am Group Training at LA Boxing  –   Karen, Maryl,  Dolores, Michelle S, Barbara
12/27 Thurs

8:30 am Spinning – Kim, Sally, Maryl, Susan….2 more bikes open
6:00 pm SPECIAL Group Training  at Tower   –     Katie, Maria F., Diane.

12/28 Fri
6:00 am Spinning   

12/29 Sat
730 am Boot Camp

830 am Group Training at LA Boxing-    Diane F, Doug, Dolores, Geoff
12/31 Mon
6:00 am New Year’s Eve Spin Anyone here or interested?

10:15 am Group Training

1/1 Tues  SPECIAL 

9:30 – 10:30 am am New Year’s Boot Camp 

1/2 Wed
6:00 am Spinning
10:15 am Group Training – Michelle S, Valerie, Dolores, Maryl, Karen
6:00 pm Group Training – Katie, Maria, Diane F

1/3 Thurs
6:00 am Group Training – Michael, Katie, Vanesa, Julie, Ayesha
8:30 am Spinning
1/5 Sat
730 am Boot Camp
830 am Group Training – Doug, Diane F, Dolores, Geoff

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