Goals: Accountability & A Why

When you  started training with N2SHAPE, we asked you to update your health and fitness goals.   Because without goals, you cannot achieve all that you want to.
The exercise of simply thinking about what those goals are and then writing them down, you implant them in your brain and then suddenly, you are accountable not just to yourself but to your trainer as well.  Hence, you are more likely to achieve your goals.
The advice that I have failed to mention to all of you is that you need to have a strong enough WHY so that you can overcome any objections that you fathom in your mind.   Visualize yourself reaching those goals, ask yourself  why do I want these goals, and why reaching them is important to me.
If it has been awhile since you have “penned” your goals or updated them,  do it now.  Remember, without goals, there is no path for success.  The road may be rocky at times but with a why and a trainer, you will eventually get there if you want!

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