Exercise of the Month – Core & Balance

Ellen’s Exercise of the Month:  Core & Balance
(Picture via Fitness Magazine)
This exercise ball move will strengthen your core & improve balance. 
To Do This Move:

  1. Stand about a foot behind a stability exercise ball with feet together
  2. Moving from your hips, bend forward and place your hands on the ball
  3. Raise your left leg behind you until its parallel to the floor—make sure to keep yours abs and gluts tight
  4. Torso should be extended while inner thigh faces the floor and foot is flexed.
  5. Raise your left arm overhead and rotate your torso to the left as well
  6. Keep your eyes on your left hand and hold for 3 counts
  7. Lower to your starting position and repeat 8 times on each leg
  8. To advance to the next level of this exercise, add a light hand weight to the top arm

This exercise is very important because it works on your core which is essential to balance.   Balance is crucial so that we don’t fall and so that we have more coordination in any sport that we enjoy as well as in our daily living.

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