Excuses for not Exercising

Unfortunately, we only got one definitive for Sunday morning Spin. I know it is Sunday and it is August but also know that many of you have missed your regular sessions this summer due to vacation, work, etc. If so many of you had not missed workouts, I would not be writing this.

Am I disappointed? Yes. I do know that we have other parts of our lives to live. But also know that without your health, that you can’t be….This Sunday would be a great way to make up one of the sessions that you owe your health.

Do you have a legitimate excuse? Your mind says yes. Your body says no.

According to the American College of Sports Medicine, you should be doing something at least 30 minutes, every day of the week. That is 210 minutes per week. If you have done that, then congrats. You are free to be a couch potato this Sunday. If not, I certainly encourage you to reply that you can come tomorrow at 830 am or do some sort of exercise as a family.

I encourage you to lead by example. Show your family that your health is important and they will follow suit. Feel free to bring them with you on Sunday. We always have room.



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