Ellen's Take on Whey Protein

What effects has it had on me? I find that I eat less, consume less calories, my metabolic rate is faster, I recover faster from workouts, and am not craving animal proteins that have cholesterol and fat in them.
Do doctors recommend it? Most physicians know little about nutrition or diet believe it or not. In my opinion, their answer is to prescribe a medication that will fix the problem. But take notice – medications have side effects. I would much rather try to get healthy by following a healthy diet and fitness program. It is much easier however to take a pill.
What doctor recommends it? One of my clients is a patient of Dr. Denise Bruner who specializes in weight loss. She has been on “Oprah” many times. My particular client has been using the whey protein that I recommend for over a year while under the care of Dr. Bruner. Dr. Bruner thinks that the whey protein that I recommend is of high quality and recommends that she be using it for weight loss.
What is whey protein? Whey protein is a food derived from milk. It is not a “bodybuilder” food or a food just for athletes. It is a food to help maintain and build muscle, increase metabolic rate, and get lots of nutritional value with little calories and no fat aor cholesterol.
How should I ingest it? Put one to two scoops in a shaker, add water or milk to it, shake and drink. If you want to make it a meal, put water or milk in a blender, add one to two scoops, non-fat yogurt, some fresh berries, ½ banana, some ice cubes and blend. Once done, it is delicious and fills you up for an entire meal.
What is the cost? $35 plus tax for 2 lbs of whey protein.
What flavors? Chocolate, vanilla, or strawberry are recommended.
How do I order it? Place your order by e-mailing me.
Will you help me figure out how I should add it to my diet so that I can get the maximum benefit? Of course. Just ask or e-mail me.

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