Dr Gabe Mirkin on Exercise and Nutrition as Medicine

From a really early age, my father was always telling us to watch what we put into our bodies.

He would not allow us to buy cereal containing BHA and BHT as they were cancer-causing, my father believed these two additives were only okay in the packaging of products. My father knew a lot back then, based on scientific evidence.

At the age of 23, I was working for the Federal Government, as Fitness Director for USDA, in Washington, DC. This was a pioneer position back then, as no one had heard of fitness in the workplace, let alone exercise and nutrition as medicine.

While working at the USDA I had the privilege of listening to Dr Gabe Mirkin, MD, one of a handful of doctors who are board-certified in four specialities – sports medicine, allergy and immunology, paediatrics and paediatric immunology. Dr Gabe Mirkin would speak at our meetings, was a radio host and certainly way ahead of his time.

He is a straight shooter, very pragmatic and perhaps viewed as lacking magnetism. His goal and passion were not to be famous in the media but to better the world through education on his findings and scientific evidence about exercise and diet.

As we do when we are younger, we go against those who ‘push’ information down our throats and at the time, as I did with my father, I thought Mirkin was a ‘pest’ and slightly crazy with his ‘theories’. In my heart, though my mindset was already focused on learning all I could about the connection between exercise and nutrition and our health, knowing I had to share this information with others.

Nutrition Affects your Health

Learning how nutrition affects your health, leaning in and listening to how your body feels when you exercise and reducing additives, preservatives and chemicals in your home, work and food are all important factors in being healthy and feeling good.

Doctors like Dr Gabe Mirkin, even at age 84, are out there researching, educating and sharing their knowledge to create a healthier, better world for us.

I personally am grateful for this knowledge and always strive to share this with my clients. To sign-up for free nutrition & exercise news from Dr Mirkin, you can visit him here.

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