Differences between Machines, Free weights, Kettlebells, etc.

Many of my clients ask me why dumbbells vs. machines or why the ball abdominals vs. doing them on the floor? I have been privy to a website called, www.criticalbench.com. The website is written by avid weightlifters and bodybuilders but is an excellent website. Here is an excerpt from it which is a great explanation for the different forms of weights that I use in training clients:

Weight Lifting Exercises Resistance training (weight training) can play an important role in the development of self-confidence and body satisfaction by increasing strength, building and toning muscles, and increasing muscular endurance. It can also help maintain lean body mass (important for individuals attempting weight loss), decrease the risk of osteoporosis, develop coordination and balance, and prevent injuries resulting from weak muscles.

Resistance Band Exercises Resistance band exercises are fast, enjoyable, and can provide a great workout anytime, any place. Resistance bands are cheap lightweight and small. You can store them easily or throw them in backpack for a workout session on the go. Great for traveling. See our Resistance band exercise section for sample exercises you can do with bands.

Dumbbell Exercises Dumbbells are great to exercise with because they force you to control the weight. When you weight train on a machine the resistance is perfectly balanced for you. Dumbbells exercises demand that you use smaller stabilizer muscles in every movement. They are considered a free weight exercise and give your muscle a larger range of motion and as well as more freedom.

Stability – Exercise Ball Exercises The stability ball is an extra-large, inflatable orb designed to improve balance while targeting specific muscle groups. The exercise ball is a versatile piece of fitness equipment, although its looks may deceive you at first. An exercise ball is used primarily for increasing muscle strength, flexibility and balance. The exercise ball also aids proper posture. The curved surface of the exercise ball helps support the back during stretching. The exercise ball is a safe and effective tool for improving muscle tone and strengthening the abs and lower back.

Body Weight Exercises Perfect for traveling or working out at home. Use your own body weight as the resistance. Push ups, sit ups, and more.

Russian Kettlebell Exercises The Russian Kettlebell is a canon ball with a handle. So what exactly makes kettlebellkettlebell ballistic exercises such as: the swing, the snatch, and the clean and jerk, teach the trainee how to work his or her body as one unit. This full body strength is critical if you want real world strength that will transfer from your training to your athletic activities.” “Second, authentic Russian kettlebells have thick grips. This turns just about every kettlebell exercise into a grip exercise.”training so effective? Mike Mahler explains.

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