Boot Camp Workout Home Alone

Here is the workout that I promised I would send many of you. This is the Boot Camp workout that I taught on Sat, April 28 at 730 am in Tysons Corner.
Equipment Needed: Kettlebell (wgt of your choice), 2-Dumbbells (or cans), timer, mat, Ipod in your ears (recommended but not necessary)
First Round 60 seconds; Second Round 45 seconds
Kettlebell Swings
Rowing with Kettlbell (30 seconds on each side, then 22.5 seconds on each side for 2nd round)
Freaky Planks (Planks on hands, then down to forearms, then back up to hands. Lead with one arm 1st, then other).
Burpees (Fun and my favorites)
Pushups (Spider man – Bring one knee to handand then pushup.  Alternate right and left knees).
Side Planks (Raise Hand and Foot to touch throughout time period).
Squat Jumps (No Weights. Slow and Steady. Will wear your heart out!)
Standing Bicep Curls (Dumbbells)
Regular Situps (Nothing holding your feet.  Knees bent.  Hand behind head.)
Stationary Lunges (Hold Dumbbells.  60 seconds per leg, then 45 seconds per leg on 2nd round)
Side to Side with KB – Sitting on floor, knees slightly bent.  Bring kettlebell side to side.
Figure Eights with KB – Behind one leg and in front of other. Change direction after 30 seconds. Use legs & bend knees to help.
Front or Side Lateral Raises with DB
Rotisserie Chicken – Side Plank and rotate to other side without hand or other foot on floor. Keep repeating and control.
Have fun. Do what you can. Make adjustments for your own level or orthopedic restrictions.
If you have any questions, hit me up!

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