Youth Fitness

Youth Fitness

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Stay one step ahead of the competition with Sports Conditioning

Young athletes have special needs – on- and off-season. N2SHAPE can design a sport-specific conditioning program for individual athletes or lead skills training clinics for teams.

Many of our trainers have been avid college athletes or adult competitors who understand coaching, sports psychology as well as physical training.

Because we understand that a young athlete’s career can be consuming for the whole family, N2SHAPE occasionally offers package deals parents can share with their young athletes.

Contact us with inquiries about we can help the younger members of your family and community. Let us match you with a program or customize something for you.

Physical activity is not just for “jocks”

Youth and teens build diet and exercise habits that can last a lifetime. Being fit improves a child’s or teen’s self-esteem and academic performance, as well as health. Is dragging them off the couch wearing you out? Leave the motivating to N2SHAPE!

N2SHAPE trains kids 10 and up in:

  • Youth Group Training for Girls – Participants work with ropes, weight, balls, sleds, and other toys to make it fun.
  • Boxing Group Training for Youth – Teens build confidence, gain self-esteem, and work off the stress of growing up.
  • One-to-one Personal Fitness Training – Personal attention from a caring trainer fosters a healthy, positive body image and high self-esteem.