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Spinning Is Not Step Aerobics

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Spinning is a fun & effective workout that should be taught by instructors that are certified by an accredited organization, and keep up with continuing education credits.

Ellen Yates, N2SHAPE Owner teaching Spinning

Ellen Yates, N2SHAPE Owner teaching Spinning

Just because a #Spinning class or a spinning studio is popular does not mean that the class is effective or safe.  It may simply mean that the instructor has good energy, has the LOUDEST music, and knows how to rock a crowd. Motivation is important, but just as important are the instructor’s qualifications, or you may risk injury!

What to look for in a good instructor.

As a rider, ask your instructor about her credentials.  By whom is she certified?  How many years experience? Does she have a background in the #fitness industry, etc?  Our industry is not government regulated, yet.  I hope that it will be one day because anyone can hang a shingle and say he is a Spinning® instructor, or even a #personaltrainer.

I have spent a lot of time and money getting my education and experience.  Please don’t compare me to the #cycling studio down the road where the instructor teaches the class like it is step aerobics on a bike.  That is not safe, and eventually you are going to get hurt!  There are two certifications that I recommend that instructors should get if they want to be a reputable Spinning instructor:   Spinning® or Schwinn Indoor Cycling.

Quality vs. Quantity at N2SHAPE

Double Spinning at N2SHAPE

At N2SHAPE we offer Spinning as group training.  We do not cater to the masses but to individuals that value quality over quantity.  We know your name, your limitations, the music you like, and even know what your heart rate should be throughout class. Your group mates will be happy to see you too! We are not just an exercise studio but a community that supports one another in their fitness journey & in life!

I welcome you to try one of our groups.  Whether you come back after your first ride, or not, I will have had the opportunity to give you my knowledge on the safest & most effective way to Spin.  As a dedicated fitness professional, this is a step in the right direction to changing the world’s perception of the fitness industry, one ride at a time!  For a free ride, Contact Me  or call (703)906-4413.

In closing, I have included a link to an article from one of my Spinning colleagues that sums it up:

A Spinning & Indoor Cycling Instructor Gets A Bit Hot Under the Collar…

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