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N2SHAPE’s popular Tyson’s Corner Spinning® classes are the best in DC and Northern Virginia!

Spinning® is not your ordinary exercise bike routine.

Spinning® offers one of the best workouts out there – a great choice whether you want to lose weight; ramp up your cardiovascular fitness level; or do some cross training to complement your running, swimming, outdoor cycling, or strength training.

In N2SHAPE Spinning® classes, you’re in and out of the seat for the whole workout with high energy, great music, and expert instruction. It’s never boring – we incorporate drills, original games, and friendly competition to keep you involved.

Spinning® Benefits

    • Get a low-impact, high-intensity workout
    • Burn calories, reduce body fat, and strengthen the lower body
    • Adjust your ride to your fitness level
    • Get both aerobic and anaerobic cardiovascular training

Tools you can use outside of class

Every class includes training on how to use a heart rate monitor – training you can apply to other workouts as well.

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