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Happy Birthday Shantell

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The N2SHAPE 6 am group, better known as the “SuperSonics” celebrated their teammate, Shantell’s Birthday, with a 45 min Spin to some of her favorite music. The group then moved to the Big Gym for 43 push-ups, 43 sit-ups and 43 Jumps. N2shape will not divulge her age but here is what Shantell said, “I wish I was 23 years old!” She has been working out with N2SHAPE in the morning group for close to a year. Her goal is to stay in prime physical shape so that she can have a baby once she marries this year!

Here is the group after Shantell’s Birthday Party this morning (Shantell is second from the left in the bottom row).

N2SHAPE offers 6 am Group Training Mon, Wed, and Fri at 6 am. The activities include Spinning, Boot Camp, Weight Training and High intensity interval training, better know as HIIT.

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