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Why Hire a Personal Trainer?

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Hire a Personal Trainer or Go It Alone?

Your investment in hiring a personal trainer can bring great returns:


A professional trainer can provide you with the most effective workout for your body type and fitness goals. You can spend less time in the gym and get better results faster.


A personal trainer makes sure you learn the right form and that you’re using the exercise equipment properly. If you have a specific injury, a professional fitness trainer can tailor your workout to facilitate your recovery.


A personal trainer can become your confidant, coach, fitness expert and cheerleader.


Your trainer will set up a regular schedule of appointments, which helps you maintain a consistent routine.


Your personal trainer draws on experience, study, and expertise to create a variety of workout routines that will motivate and challenge you, even on those rainy days or mornings when you don’t want to go to the gym.


Hiring a trainer can help you get the most value from your gym membership. If you make it to the health club sporadically, your fitness dollars might be better spent on in-home private training or a fitness expert who can tailor an outdoor regimen that you’ll stick with. Do your research: personal training may not cost as much as you think; many trainers offer partner or group-training sessions that let you share the costs.


Many people have been pursuing the same fitness goals for many years with little progress. An expert consultant can bring the transformation you’ve been hoping for.


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  • Paul Sherman says:

    I am interested in giving personal training sessions to my wife for Christmas. She is an avid exerciser, but I believe her form is terrible and she is doing much of it wrong and I am concerned she is going to damage something. I would also want to have sessions with the trainer. After a long career as a dumpling, I’d like to make a change. Now is as good a time as ever.

    I would like the person to come to our home and show us how to use our equipment properly and to help us acquire any reasonable equipment i.e. free weights, that we should have to do this right. Thank you.

  • Ellen Yates says:

    I am so sorry Paul as I am just seeing this comment. I would love to help you and your wife if you have not found someone already. Where do you live?

  • Ellen Yates says:

    Paul, just checking to see if you changed careers? 🙂

  • Eric sean says:

    Hello, we also provide personal training service in Macedonia, Ohio. We are Spencer certified wellness coach

  • Ellen Yates says:

    Hi Eric. Thanks for reading my blog. I need to spend more time writing and spreading the word. Thanks again for your support and back at you. Ellen

  • Ellen Yates says:

    Thanks ERIC for reading our blog.

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