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Chugalug Boot Camp Contest

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Every Saturday at 715 am we venture to N2SHAPE for our beloved Boot Camp. It is a love/hate relationship – getting up early on a Saturday for something so painful but so much fun. When we are finished, we feel oh so good!

As former #Sorority member of #AlphaXiDelta I love these kind of team things. We support each other but at the same time harass. Today, we did a bit of hazing with a 64 ounces of water Chugging contest. It was no different than the beer bong but this time, it was with water. So the other frat members (one of them a former fraternity member like myself – Amit Kapoor), obliged as well.

After doing rounds of exercises alternating between cardio & weight exercises, then running the “rickety” stairs outside,

we finished up with the challenge. Most of us all had a role from videographer to contestant. The winner was Kelsey Granville – he was the first to finish 64 ounces (I think he cheated though)! I did not finish mine as my belly was bloated and gave the excuse that I had to continue to train clients that day. I proceeded to go – directly to the bathroom to barf the water.

But boy did I have fun? And we are on for next week with another “Chugalug” Contest – 32 ounces this time! Who’s in?


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